Saturday, 22 February 2014

First thing first

Yeh....first thing first! studies have it that alcohol have effects on bodybuilding and fitness. What is your opinion on Bodybuilding and alcohol guys? waiting for your comments bellow.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Weekend special motives for ladies from Bodybuilding & Fitness

This goes to all friend out there.... ladies need motivation to keep up with fitness...Go through this extract and find out why ladies need to exercise.

Time to venture into the weight room

Despite study after study supporting the benefits of strength training, many women still opt for cardio over weight training. Maybe they’re worried about “bulking up.” Women have seen a few too many beefy men grunting it out in the weight room and fear that if they pick up a dumbbell, they’ll suddenly start to resemble a linebacker, too.
This can happen, although it’s extremely rare, as we reveal in 6 Ways to Beat Your Bad Genes. But for most women, “this just isn’t possible,” says personal trainer and Prevention fitness expert Chris Freytag. “Ladies have too much estrogen in their hormonal makeup.”
So what's the secret to looking toned (think: Michelle Obama’s arms, which we have the secret to) but not…tough? Strength training.
Here are 9 reasons why women should strength train at least 2 or 3 times a week:

Thursday, 20 February 2014

why is Bodybuilding & Fitness Vital to human body?

This video is just to give you an over view of the effects of exercises on the human body structure. What do you think about this video guys?

Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Hello guys, i would like to welcome you all to my blog which is all about Bodybuilding and Fitness.I would like you to use this platform to share any kind of information related to my blog title.Make sure to comment and post by advising, suggesting  etc before you leave my blog buddies.Most of the details on this blog will be of vital to your body shape and health. yeah lets do it!!!

NB....Try to avoid using provocative languages and so forth...Hopefully all of you boleh.